We provide well-conceived programs of communications to help you to build shareholder values by dealing effectively with your key specialized publics.


•     High-Net-Worth Individual Investors

We have years of experience in matching the public company to its uniquely qualified investor public. We tailor corporate communications to that specific public to be effective within budget.


•     The Brokerage Community

Our mission is to help you build a large base of brokers throughout the U.S. to support your company. We are in a position to assist you in adding qualified new brokerage followings, and to systematically build on these through well-planned series of tours by management, and by personal meetings and informational mailings.


•     Registered Investment Advisors/Institutional Managers

We identify the majority of investment managers with an interest in your type of company and systematically introduce them to the company's management, and keep them informed of the company's progress.

We constantly monitor all funds and institutional investors by industry category and add to our lists as new ones appear. Our intent is to set up an on-going program of introducing the company to such groups, and to build relationships with systematic follow-up.


•     Financial Newsletter Writers

Through our extensive relationships within the U.S. financial newsletter publishing sector, we work to systematically bring your company and its management to the attention of opinion-leading newsletter writers, editors and advisors with a view to obtaining qualified attention for the company in such publications and in related forums sponsored by newsletter publishers.


•     Securities Analysts

Cultivating qualified securities analysts with the larger houses and the smaller regional and other more aggressive firms is a longer-term proposition, but one that bears excellent fruit. Part of our game plan is to systematically identify potential analyst-followers of the company in the Western Canadian and Eastern Canadian, as well as U.S. markets, and to introduce them to the company and its management.


•     Major Financial Press and TV

Our firm is recognized for its ability to obtain excellent major media coverage in the U.S. business and trade press. Based on the priority of media for a client’s program, we constantly seek out media opportunities for national exposure to qualified publics. In the course of twelve months, numerous major exposures are usually obtainable for qualified clients. Many of our clients have appeared in major media ranging from such publications as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes to network-television programming and other electronic media.